St. Louis newspaper, the Republic, resigns, citing the Trump administration

ST.LOUIS, Mo.— A St. Louis newspaper has resigned following a statement issued by the St. Charles County Clerk’s Office that the newspaper was not willing to accept Donald Trump’s election as president.The newspaper, The Republic, was the only publication in the St Louis metro area to not vote for the Republican candidate in 2016, according to the statement.According to the […]

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Police: Man killed by police in La Salle

A police officer in LaSalle, Ill., died after he was shot by a man during a traffic stop Sunday, authorities said.Police said the shooting occurred about 3:30 p.m. on a street in the 1200 block of E. E. St. Louis.A 42-year-old LaSalile man was found in the street, suffering from a gunshot wound to the abdomen, according to LaSaline police […]

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