How I broke into a billion-dollar hedge fund and wrote the next book: The New York Times

The story that has been making headlines for years, the blockbuster book by Michael Lewis and Andrew Ross Sorkin, The Big Short, is the story of how hedge funds are turning into gigantic multinational corporations.It’s also the story that’s been making me rethink the way I think about investing.It turns out that investing is actually really easy.It really isn’t.The biggest […]

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Oklahoman’s OKC. newspaper says it will no longer publish racist content

Oklahomans are furious after their hometown newspaper, the Oklahomians, published a racist ad.Oklahomians are furious at the OkC paper’s decision to run a racist, offensive ad.It reads, “We are the new black.”Oklahoma City police arrested an Oklahoma City woman and charged her with felony child endangerment. The Oklahomeran, which is owned by the Okla.News Network, published the ad on Wednesday, which […]

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