How to read the news in Arabic: What to read in Spanish

Spanish news in English is often hard to read.We all know that news stories have long been dominated by Arabic.But what about what is written in English, and is it correct?Here are five articles to get you started.1.“Bin Laden’s son dies of brain cancer”Ahead of a speech at the UN General Assembly on September 26, the U.S. President Barack Obama […]

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How to read the Tajikistan newspaper

The Tajikistani capital of Pashtunistan has a population of just 5.6 million people and is a tourist magnet for tourists.But when the Tajkistani government tried to limit the number of tourists visiting its historic capital, the Taj Mahal, the country’s newspapers ran ads for the Taj and other Tajik sites.In a case that has become a symbol of Tajik independence, […]

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