When it comes to Malaysian media, we’re in a ‘new normal’

By Peter Thamel Malaysia’s biggest daily newspaper is under fire after it emerged it had paid a former employee more than $50,000 to cover its coverage of the Malaysian opposition.The paper’s chairman, Wan Kiew Yee, and a former assistant general editor, T.K. Kuk, were convicted in a criminal trial last month of bribing a Malaysian opposition journalist, Mok Poh Chong, […]

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How to tell if you have been abducted

An Associated Press story from Malaysia in November 2016 that appeared to show how the government of Malaysia detained and tortured a suspected drug smuggler was widely ridiculed.A series of tweets about the story were widely circulated in the Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam and elsewhere, drawing criticism from human rights advocates.A number of people tweeted that they were abducted in Malaysia.Others […]

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