US President Donald Trump to visit New York City, Cleveland, Philadelphia, Boston, Miami and more for his ‘thank you’ visit to US media, according to media

President Donald Trumps plans to travel to the United States and visit the major cities on Friday to mark his “thank you” visit to the American media, reports MTV News.The president will arrive in New York on Friday morning and will fly to Cleveland on Friday evening, where he will hold a meeting with the media and then fly back […]

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Why France’s Le Monde has become the French newspaper of choice for online users

French newspaper Le Mond’s online audience grew by about 60 per cent in 2017, to 8.2 million subscribers, according to a study published Tuesday by research firm Ipsos.Le Mommas audience reached about 9.4 million subscribers in 2016.The online news service has about 2.4 billion readers in the country, according the firm.Ipsos said it will release its report in a few […]

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