How to tell if you have been abducted

An Associated Press story from Malaysia in November 2016 that appeared to show how the government of Malaysia detained and tortured a suspected drug smuggler was widely ridiculed.A series of tweets about the story were widely circulated in the Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam and elsewhere, drawing criticism from human rights advocates.A number of people tweeted that they were abducted in Malaysia.Others […]

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Why the Conservative Party is facing an existential crisis

The Conservatives, who have been in power for decades, are facing a crisis.This crisis is being felt in their own party and it’s not being acknowledged by the rest of Canada.This is a crisis for Canada.The crisis has now grown to the point that they have a choice to make.They can either change or they can continue to keep the […]

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Which of the following is the most common type of newspaper in Washington, DC?

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