Jacksonville, Fla., police shooting of teenager could be caught on camera

JACKSONVILLE, Fla.– Florida’s first homicide in the state’s history occurred on Dec. 2.An 18-year-old Florida man is in police custody after being shot in the head at his home, and his death has sparked nationwide outrage and protests.Florida’s first-ever homicide in Florida occurred on December 2.In Jacksonville, Florida, police said 18-old Jackson County teenager Justin Wilson died at the scene […]

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What if there was a game between a couple of teams with a lot of hockey history?

The Associated Press article The Dallas Stars and the Florida Panthers were on the verge of a Stanley Cup playoff series when the NHL instituted a new rule that banned the two teams from playing on Christmas Day and New Year’s Day.The change was made by the league in 2007 to keep the schedule more flexible.But now, the two franchises […]

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