Posted November 06, 2018 04:08:47The new Star, which is set to be launched in late 2019, will be owned by the National Union of Journalists and a new paper will be launched every six months.

The new paper is set for a release in October 2020.

The newspaper, which will be called the Star, is expected to be a weekly publication which will have articles that are critical of the government, but which also reflect the newspaper’s values.

Kenya’s new premier has been keen to build a newspaper industry that has long been missing in the West, which has seen a slow but steady shift towards print, especially with a recent boom in e-readers.

Kenya has seen an increase in eBooks, and the newspaper industry is a big part of that.

It’s a paper which is open to the public, but also is open for those who want to invest in the newspaper.

But while the Star will be able to attract more readers, it won’t be able attract all of them.

That’s the aim of the new paper.

The Star is a weekly newspaper that will also have the right to be independently owned.

It’s an interesting project that will see a paper that is more accessible to the general public, rather than a newspaper that is owned by one man.

The Star has always been a newspaper, but the newspaper has always existed within the boundaries of a single business.

With the new Star coming into the picture, it will be possible to bring in more investors who are interested in investing in newspapers, which can create a more sustainable newspaper industry in Kenya.

However, it’s unclear whether the new newspaper will be a paper for the general reader or for the journalists who cover the government.

I think it’s going to be more about those who are writing about the government and the journalists covering the government who will be the most exposed, the ones who are the most affected by this news.

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