NEWS: A Sudanese weekly newspaper has banned gay men, with no explanation for why, from entering public spaces.

The Sudanese daily Al-Dawah, which is owned by the state-run Sudanese Press Agency (SPAA), has barred gay men and lesbians from public places and said they should leave.

The newspaper cited a decree that said the banning of gay men in public spaces would be carried out “without exception”.

It added: “Anyone who violates the prohibition of public gatherings, in public places, on social networks, or on social media, will be subject to arrest and punishment.”

The newspaper also quoted the head of the Sudanese Supreme Constitutional Court, Omar Ibrahim Hassan, as saying gay men were “abnormal and are not considered human beings”.

It said the decision was not based on scientific studies but on a judgment from the court.

The SPAA did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

Gay rights campaigners say the decision by the Sudan newspaper to ban gay men comes at a time when a new era of social acceptance for LGBT people is beginning in Sudan.

LGBT people were able to become citizens in 2005.

The Supreme Court, which handles appeals from the country’s Supreme Court and other legal bodies, had previously struck down bans on homosexuality in 2011, citing a lack of evidence.

The ban on gay men has triggered widespread protests in the country.

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