Posted October 10, 2018 08:30:20The Guardian is facing a plagiarisation scandal after a news item was attributed to the Guardian’s political editor.

Key points:The Guardian’s news editor has been suspended and a disciplinary committee has been establishedA letter sent to the editor of the Guardian yesterday by the news editor said the article “was not plagiarised”The letter said the Guardian was “working with our legal advisers to resolve the situation”.

It came after a letter to the editorial board of the paper on Thursday said the story, which was titled “What’s in your brain?”, had been plagiarised and that the article had not been “allegedly” sourced from the Guardian.

The letter was sent by the Guardian to the News Editor of the Daily Telegraph, which published the article on Friday, with a copy of the letter to be published online on Friday.

“We have decided to suspend and investigate the story for possible plagiarism and breach of trust,” the letter said.

“While we have not been able to independently verify the accuracy of the article, we are taking this seriously and are working with our lawyers to resolve this situation.”‘

It is important that we are careful’The letter to News Editor Chris Buckley read: “The article in question has been wrongly attributed to you and we are working closely with our Legal team to resolve these issues.

The Guardian is a news organisation and it is important to be careful when citing sources and when reporting the news.”

The letter went on to say that the Guardian had not had any “inconsistent reporting” about the story in the past.

“It is very important that there is a proper and transparent process for reporting on stories of this nature,” the note said.

It said the paper had been in contact with Mr Buckley to “resolve this matter”.’

We are in the process of removing the article from the website, and we have been working with legal advisers as to how we can resolve this matter.

“Mr Buckley said the letter was a “poor excuse” and said he had taken “full responsibility” for the article.”

The article is not a false or defamatory statement and I take full responsibility for it.

I am sorry if this was an isolated incident,” he said.’

No wrongdoing’A letter to Mr Buckley from the News editor said: “It was an error by a Guardian News Editor to write that the story ‘was not a plagiarised article’ in a recent story.”

Not an isolated event’The Guardian has been criticised for a story it published last month about the plight of asylum seekers living in Australia.”

The Guardian News Centre is in the midst of an internal review to identify and remove the article that has been published in error.”‘

Not an isolated event’The Guardian has been criticised for a story it published last month about the plight of asylum seekers living in Australia.

The story, titled ‘The asylum seekers’ nightmare’, claimed asylum seekers were sleeping rough in Melbourne.

The Guardian published the story after the ABC revealed the story had been “rebranded” as “Australia’s ‘worst night” story.

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