The presidential election is set to be contested from all 50 states in 2020.

This year, we are heading to a new era of political upheaval.

Here are five states that will see a significant shift in the political landscape.

Ohio, the epicenter of the GOP presidential primary race, will be voting for the first time in more than 60 years on Tuesday.

But what are the most likely outcomes?

Here are five possible outcomes in Ohio, based on the polls we have seen so far.1.

Donald Trump defeats Ohio Gov.

John Kasich (Photo: AP)The latest Ohio polls have the Ohio governor leading by a margin of more than 6 percentage points over his Democratic opponent.

The last time Ohio voted for a Republican presidential candidate in 2020 was in 1984.

But the race is expected to remain close and there are no clear signs that the race has turned on Donald Trump’s strength.

Kasich, a former U.S. Senator and governor, has focused his campaign on a tax cut for Ohioans and improving roads, bridges and transit, among other issues.

Kasich is expected in Ohio for the vote on Tuesday, with the governor scheduled to appear on stage with the first-ever presidential debates starting in the state later in the day.2.

Hillary Clinton beats Bernie Sanders in Michigan and Ohio (Photo, AP)While the presidential race has already become increasingly contentious, it is still not certain how the election will turn out.

In a new poll conducted by Morning Consult on Tuesday night, Sanders leads Hillary Clinton by a more than 3 percentage point margin in the battleground state of Michigan, according to a Morning Consult poll released Wednesday.

Sanders, the Democratic nominee, is also ahead in the Buckeye State by more than 2 percentage points in Ohio.

Clinton, the presumptive Democratic nominee who has yet to declare, leads Sanders by 3 percentage points.3.

New Hampshire, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Connecticut vote Democratic (Photo credit: AP photo)A handful of states are still undecided, and it is possible that some of the swing states could be closer in the coming weeks.

In fact, a new CBS News poll conducted Tuesday found that New Hampshire is still a tossup between the candidates and could vote on November 7.

It is possible, however, that Clinton could win New Hampshire in a landslide, and her chances of winning the state have grown.4.

Ohio voters vote in the first presidential debate (Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)A CNN poll released Tuesday morning found that Clinton leads Bernie Sanders by 7 points in the pivotal swing state of Ohio.

But if Sanders is able to hold onto Ohio and secure a win in Pennsylvania, the margin would shrink.

The CNN poll also found that Sanders is ahead in New Hampshire by 3 points.5.

Wisconsin votes for the second time in two weeks (Photo via Reuters)The first presidential debates in Milwaukee and Cleveland, as well as the first vice presidential debate, are set for September 26 and 27 in both cities.

If Trump is able or wants to win Ohio, he will need to win all of the battleground states and win at least one other swing state.

But with the possible exception of Pennsylvania, there are only two states that would make a difference: Wisconsin and Iowa.

Wisconsin has been a big favorite to win the presidency since 1992, when John Kerry defeated George H.W. Bush.

The Republican presidential nominee is in a virtual tie with Clinton, and if Trump can secure the votes of Wisconsin’s white working class, he could potentially take the state and win.

Iowa, which has voted Republican in every presidential election since 1952, could also make a big difference.

Clinton has won Wisconsin twice before, but it was a close race.

She won the state in 2016 and the 2008 general election.

But in 2008, President Barack Obama carried Wisconsin by just 2,957 votes.

In 2018, Trump won the presidency with 306 electoral votes and he secured the support of a majority of Republican voters.

In 2020, the Republican nominee will need more than 270 electoral votes to win.

If Trump can carry the states of Iowa, Wisconsin and New Hampshire and secure enough of the remaining states to win, he is in an excellent position to win either the presidency or the Senate in 2020 and hold onto the Senate majority.

He could win the White House, but that is not likely.

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