A Nigerian newspaper has launched a free online edition of its daily edition that was previously only available in digital form.

News., the state-owned newspaper of the country, said it was launching the newspaper on Friday.

The free online newspaper was launched by the National Newspaper Publishing Company (NNPC) on Thursday, ahead of the launch of a new digital edition.

“We have launched the National Newspapers Free Online Edition which has been designed for Nigerians who do not have access to the print edition,” News.

said in a statement on Thursday.


said it would also launch an email subscription service.

Its website said it aims to be a source of information for Nigeris, particularly for those who have limited English proficiency.

More than 5 million Nigerians have signed up for the service, with the majority of Nigerians using the mobile version of the service.

Nigerians are also getting free access to a digital version of News.

daily newspaper on mobile devices.

In August, the government announced plans to make online editions of the newspaper available in the country’s official languages, including English.

But News.

was one of the few newspapers to go ahead with its plan, and on Thursday it announced a plan to launch the paper in its local languages.

Nigerian newspaper News.

runs in more than 40 languages, with an average of about 10,000 daily readers.

It is owned by the NNPC.

President Goodluck Jonathan has promised to build a digital media empire to improve the countrys economy and promote its national interest.

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