The new trailer for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt reveals some details about the game’s new ending and its story.

Here’s a quick rundown of what you need to know about The Witcher’s new trailer.

The trailer opens with Geralt (Lars Mikkelsen) walking through a small town in France.

He is seen walking in front of a house, which is later destroyed by a fire.

Geralt then hears the sound of a horse galloping and turns around.

Geralts horse is tied to a tree, and his face is covered in blood.

The house is then destroyed by another fire.

The narrator tells Geralt to take his horse and leave the town, to which Geralt replies, “No, that is not the case.”

The trailer also opens with a shot of Geralt, clad in a leather jacket, standing in a forest, in front a tree with a horse.

A woman (Michelle Fairley) is talking with Geralts companions, and they begin to speak in a language he has never heard.

They then see a sign that reads, “I will fight you, but do not hurt me.”

A woman asks, “Who are you?”

Geralt responds, “You are a monster.”

A woman (Mika Brzezinski) asks Geralt if he is ready to kill her, to the point that Geralt begins to choke.

Geraltes face is shown, and he begins to cry, saying, “Please don’t let me die.”

Geralt continues to say, “We will kill you, you will die.”

The Witcher 3’s trailer also introduces a new enemy that Geralts party encounters, the “Grizzly.”

This new enemy is armed with a sword and is a member of the “Necromancers.”

They use an ability called the “Blood of the Necromancer,” which is said to have been created by a monster.

The Necromancers will also be called “Nekromancers,” in the trailer.

The first “Nemesis” in the game is called the Draugr, and the Drauger is the Drauggra.

The “Nefarious” and “Scourge” classes will also appear in the next trailer.

Finally, the trailer shows the Necromancer, Draugrer, and Draugru in battle against the Witcher.

It then opens with the sound effects of Geralts sword cutting through a creature’s head, which the Necro can hear, as well as the sound effect of a burning house.

The first trailer ends with Geraltes horse being tied to the tree and being pushed out of the woods.

The next trailer begins with the narration of the narrator saying, “[The Witcher’s] horse is being tied, to a small tree.”

The next trailer ends, and Geralt appears at the tavern, in a robe, wearing a dark red shirt and carrying a sword.

He states that he has “no choice.”

The narrator continues to describe the town and the fight to come.

Geralte asks, why is everyone so angry at me?

The next section of the trailer ends when the narrator says, “The Witcher is a monster,” followed by the voiceover that says, “[Geralts] horse was tied to trees, and is now burning.

He cries, ‘Please don´t let me burn.’

He has no choice.”

After Geralt leaves, he continues to fight the Draogrs.

Geralta asks if he should kill the Draugs, to whom he replies, “[It will be] the first time in my life I will die alone.

This will be my last chance.”

The Draugrs are later defeated by Geralts own party.

The narration ends with the narrator telling Geralt that he must leave the Inn to save the village.

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