The sun newspaper has been the subject of criticism from Australian media and politicians, with many of them calling for the paper to be shut down.

In a letter to the editor, the Australian Press Council said the paper’s editorial policies were in breach of the codes of practice and ethics.

It said the Sun had become “a source of misinformation and propaganda”.

The newspaper is owned by the Sydney Morning Herald Group.

The council also said the newspaper had not provided a “meaningful explanation” for its decision not to publish the Sun’s front page.

It added the decision not do so was “unfair to the public” and had led to “considerable anxiety”.

The council is currently considering whether to hold a meeting to discuss the matter further.

In its statement to the Australian, the newspaper said the decision to pull the front page was made to “reflect a range of media-related considerations, including the need to maintain editorial independence”.

It added that the paper would be “continuing to operate in a way that respects the trust of our readers”.

The Sun’s decision to remove the frontpage article comes after the Herald published a piece about a man who had been charged with stealing an ancient Chinese coin in the 1980s.

The story reported that the man, who has since died, was convicted of theft and was given a 10-year jail term.

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