By ALEXANDER RODRIGUEZJUNE 23, 2018 – 12:08:48President Donald Trump’s latest move in the war on drugs is to appoint a federal judge to oversee a sweeping new federal crackdown on opioid painkillers.

But some legal experts have questioned the constitutionality of the appointment of U.S. District Judge Amy Berman Jackson to the 10th U.N. Human Rights Commission.

Jackson was nominated to the panel by Trump, but she has been criticized by advocates who argue that she has not had the time to thoroughly review the Trump administration’s drug policy and its impact on the country’s health.

Jackson, a former federal prosecutor, has not made public comments on the case against her.

Her appointment comes less than a week after Trump’s attorney general, Jeff Sessions, issued a sweeping statement criticizing the U.K. government for its treatment of opioid abuse.

“If the U-K.

were a country, its treatment in the treatment of the opioid epidemic would be a disgrace.

But it has no role in the United Nations Human Rights Council,” Sessions said.

Jackson has ruled that the U,S.

government has the authority to use drug forfeiture to seize cash, property and assets of drug dealers suspected of drug crimes.

But she has also criticized the Trump Administration for not having more transparent policies for how to implement its war on opioids.

The White House said in a statement Friday that Jackson’s nomination was “part of the president’s efforts to strengthen his government’s commitment to fighting drug cartels and corruption.”

“We’re going to continue to work with her on ways to make our nation safer and more effective,” the statement said.

The move comes as Trump and the Justice Department are facing mounting pressure from the U.,S.

and the international community to make a serious effort to end the war in the country.

Trump announced his plan to crack down on drug abuse in the U.-K.

on Jan. 31, the same day he nominated Sessions as attorney general.

Sessions, who has long opposed Trump’s war on drug users, has said the administration’s efforts in the drug war have failed.

But he has said he would be open to considering a broad overhaul of the U.’s criminal justice system that would address concerns of abuse victims and reduce the prison population.

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