AUSTRALIA’S major newspapers and broadcasters are reporting an increase in the number of fake news stories on their websites.

The latest issue of The Australian Financial Journal contains a list of stories which were “faked” on major Australian publications.

It is not clear how many stories have been fabricated but the list does include the likes of the ABC, The Age, The Courier-Mail, The Drum, The Australian, The Hill, The Sun, The World, and the Sydney Morning Herald.

In a statement, The ABC said the news was “fake news” and that it was “investigating and taking appropriate action” in relation to the stories.

But The Courier Mail said it had “zero tolerance for false stories” and is investigating the issue.

“We have zero tolerance for fake stories,” the paper said in a statement.

A spokesperson for The Daily Telegraph said it “rejected” the claims.

ABC News Australia also reported an increase.

An article about a recent investigation into a Queensland school board was also flagged.

However, the report was later taken down.

Another story about a former NSW state cabinet minister was also removed from the paper.

And a story about the Sydney Opera House was also taken down from the ABC.

Several stories were flagged up by news websites last week.

They included a story in the Australian about a planned “paedophile ring” in Melbourne.

Then there was a story published in the Sydney Bulletin about a local man being jailed for two years for allegedly sexually assaulting a 12-year-old girl.

News of the “fake” stories was not disclosed in the newspaper.

According to the ABC News website, “a number of the stories were based on unsubstantiated information from the media.”

The ABC also flagged up an article about the murder of a former Queensland government minister, Senator Ian Macdonald.

While the story was initially published on the ABC website, it was later removed.

Despite the recent rise in fake news, it is not the first time the ABC has reported on fake stories.

Earlier this month, The Daily Beast, a website that covers the US political and media landscape, ran a story headlined “Fake News: The ABC News Story” with the headline “ABC News has a problem with fake news.”

And in June, ABC News reported that the company that runs The Age was investigating “fake stories” on the site.

Earlier this week, The Sunday Telegraph ran an article which said that a newspaper had reported “false allegations of sexual abuse” in Sydney’s inner-west.

On Wednesday, the ABC ran a front page story entitled “Fake news: The truth about fake news”.

The report said that “fake media” was the term used to describe websites that “frequently spread false or misleading stories.”

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