French newspaper Le Mond’s online audience grew by about 60 per cent in 2017, to 8.2 million subscribers, according to a study published Tuesday by research firm Ipsos.

Le Mommas audience reached about 9.4 million subscribers in 2016.

The online news service has about 2.4 billion readers in the country, according the firm.

Ipsos said it will release its report in a few days.

“Le Monde, the dominant French newspaper for over three decades, has a growing online audience, and it’s also the best-selling paper in France,” said Alex de Filippi, director of Ipsos’ digital research group.

The Le MOND website is an online platform for readers and visitors to the newspaper.

Le Groupe Le Monda has a massive online presence, with more than one million subscribers.

Le Diable has a smaller audience of 1 million, but it has more than 50 million subscribers and a number of online channels that allow readers to share news and videos.

“This is a very big year for the French newspapers,” said de Fillingi.

“The Le Monds and the Le Dibles have a lot of online audiences and are very popular, but they are also very much under the radar.”

“Le Grouppe Le Mondo has had a good year and has a strong following among online users.

The site has attracted a lot more people in the past few months,” he said.

“So Le Marge is really, really important for them, not just in France, but across Europe.”

Le Gromme newspaper online audience Le Grome newspaper has more readers than any other French newspaper.

The paper has been in operation for almost 200 years and has been the official newspaper of the French Communist Party since 1924.

The company behind the paper, Le Groma, also publishes Le Mone, the daily newspaper of President Emmanuel Macron’s party, which won the election in May.

The daily Le Mones weekly edition has been published since 2010 and is published in the same format as the daily Le Gamais weekly edition.

The newspaper’s online readership has grown by more than 60 per percent in 2017 to about 9 million.

It is not clear how many people use the newspaper online.

Le Maison du Pompadour newspaper online readers online Le Maisons online readers have grown by about 40 per cent over the past two years. Le Majesté Le Majeste has been around since 1918 and is a daily newspaper in the French capital.

The weekly newspaper is also published online, though it does not receive the same level of online traffic that Le Glamas and Le Moms does.

“Its a great newspaper, with a lot readers and readership,” said Jean-Michel De Gendy, editor-in-chief of Le Majesta, an online news portal.

“They have a strong presence in French universities and in Paris, and also in universities abroad.”

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