A week ago, we reported on the busted newsroom scandal that was plaguing the Omaha World-Herald.

Since then, the paper has been in the news more than a dozen times.

Now, we’re told that the paper is in the process of being sold to a local company.

We have been told by a source that the sale would be done “this month,” which could mean as early as the end of the month.

If the sale is finalized, the Omaha-based company would be a new owner of the newspaper, which currently operates in Omaha.

It’s not clear when this news would be announced, but we’re also told that there’s a lot of interest in the sale.

The sale is expected to be completed this month.

The new owner will be paid $200 million and take over the paper’s operations.

It will not be a total divestiture of the paper, which is expected in the next couple of weeks.

The newsroom scandals have affected the paper for several years.

Last summer, the staff was ordered to stop posting negative articles on social media, as a result of the busting scandal.

The staff’s actions were caught on tape and the staff resigned in protest.

The following year, staff members also resigned in an attempt to force the resignation of a new director.

That same year, an employee was caught on video making racist remarks.

That employee was fired and the paper was also forced to fire another employee who had made similar remarks.

The paper has also had to address issues with its social media and its newsroom, as well as the hiring of more writers.

In April, the newspaper’s board voted to fire three of its top executives and three other top editors.

It was announced in August that the company would move into a new building and create a new editorial staff.

That announcement came amid a massive wave of layoffs, with a number of prominent media executives having their jobs cut.

But there are some bright spots for the paper.

In July, the newsroom was rocked when a new executive was hired who had previously been employed by the paper as a staff writer.

In September, the company was given a $250 million loan from the Federal Reserve.

The loan was approved in May, but the Omaha Public Library District said in October that it would not be able to use the loan to help the company.

So the loan has been extended until February 2019, according to the Omaha Business Journal.

And, as of December 2016, the business district of the Omaha Municipal Market Authority had approved the sale of the city’s historic newspaper building.

But the Omaha City Council voted against the deal in February and passed a resolution in March urging the city to not accept any public money in order to avoid a bankruptcy.

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