A New York newspaper has broken the news that a hacker was responsible for breaking into a newsroom and stealing personal information from about 500 reporters.

The Daily News broke the news late Sunday evening of the breach, which affected about 200 newsroom employees and a handful of staff at the paper’s flagship newspaper, the Daily News and Gazette.

The paper said it was investigating and will release more details later.

The hack, which came in the wake of the release of a report on how the NSA uses data from its Prism surveillance program, has shaken the media industry and led to calls for greater accountability.

It’s the latest blow to a business that’s been shaken by the revelations that the NSA is collecting and storing millions of Americans’ phone records.

The newspaper said in a statement that the breach came after an anonymous tip that led the paper to the source of the data breach.

The newspaper said the hacker is believed to be in Russia, but it did not provide details about his nationality or any further details about the investigation.

It was not immediately clear if the hack affected other newspapers.

The attack comes as many news organizations have begun to shift their newsrooms away from digital platforms, and some have begun reporting from digital-only offices, such as the Washington Post and The New York Post Digital.

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