The New York Times has announced the first poster of its 2017 New York comic convention, which will take place from March 10-13 at Times Square.

The poster is titled “The New York City Comic Con.”

The poster, featuring a female and a giant dinosaur, shows up in Times Square this week, and it features a scene from the film Jurassic Park, which has been nominated for three Academy Awards.

The woman, who is dressed as the titular dinosaur, walks along a corridor in a New York skyscraper, accompanied by a voice-over.

A dinosaur and a woman sit next to each other in a hallway, and a male dinosaur looks at the woman.

The poster shows the woman standing on a platform next to a man in a suit, holding a book and looking at a book on a computer screen.

The caption on the poster reads, “The future is here.”

The posters for the three Academy Award-winning films are also on display.

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