Oklahomans are furious after their hometown newspaper, the Oklahomians, published a racist ad.

Oklahomians are furious at the OkC paper’s decision to run a racist, offensive ad.

It reads, “We are the new black.”

Oklahoma City police arrested an Oklahoma City woman and charged her with felony child endangerment. 

The Oklahomeran, which is owned by the Okla.

News Network, published the ad on Wednesday, which has been viewed more than 3.6 million times.

“We are not the new blacks, and our story is not about race,” the ad reads.

“We have an issue that impacts us all.”

According to the Oklodun newspaper, a man who was arrested for allegedly posting the ad had been convicted in court of child endangerance, and a judge ordered him released.

A representative for the newspaper did not immediately return messages seeking comment.

Oklahoma Mayor Mike Duggan called the decision a “disgrace” and said he is “deeply saddened by the decision” and that he had spoken to the company’s owners, News Network and the newspaper’s owner, who are black.

Oklahoman columnist Tim Keller tweeted that he was “sickened” by the ad and would no longer use the paper’s website, which features racial content.

Keller wrote that he used to read the Okanagan newspaper daily and the stories about racism.

“I don’t feel like I’m able to say the same things about this,” Keller wrote.

“I know the news isn’t all bad, but it’s also not perfect.

I don’t want to see a new generation of Oklahominas, Oklahomas, or Oklahovans be forced to watch the same crap I have seen over the years.”

Oklahoma’s attorney general has filed a lawsuit against News Network for publishing the ad, and the company is appealing the decision.


News Network is owned and operated by News Corporation, the parent company of The Wall Street Journal.

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